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What happens if the car needs to be repaired?


The great thing about leasing a car is that for a reasonable monthly payment you get a brand new car - which has 2 major benefits. 

As it’s a new car, it’s very unlikely you’ll have issues with wear and tear. No need to replace brake pads, or invest in a new handbrake - the stuff that needs to be replaced after a while. 

The other major benefit is that a new car is under warranty. Any serious problem is not your problem, it will fall under the warranty. As the finance company owns the car, you’re merely hiring it for an extended period of time. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the finance company to ensure the car manufacturer repair the car, as per the terms of the warranty. 

This assurance is what gives many people peace of mind and explains why car leasing is so popular. Low stress, low risk. 

If the situation arises where the car does need some repairs, and they fall under “wear and tear," perhaps towards the end of a 3-year lease, then you’ll be responsible for the repair as it falls under your responsibility to keep the car in good condition. 

All cars will have a minimum 3-year warranty, so you'll be covered against any major issues. If you need to have the car repaired, it’s important to go to a recognised dealer. 

The car lease was determined by estimating the value of the car when the lease is finished. Having any repair work done at a recognised dealer means the car will hold it’s value more and therefore you’ll pay a little less in monthly repayments. 

With Yes Lease, we make sure our clients understand where their responsibilities lie, and what the finance company should cover before the lease is taken out - we’re big believers in being black and white. No one likes nasty surprises and the great benefit of car leasing is that you have a set monthly payment so it’s much easier to budget for. 

If you would like to talk specifics, please feel free to get in touch. One of our team will talk you through your lease options and what your responsibilities will be if you were to take the lease.