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What documents do you need to get a car lease?


As with most financial transactions, with car leasing you’ll need to provide some documents to prove you are who you say you are. 

Don’t take it personally. For both personal leasing and business leasing, you’ll need official I.D, such as a driving license or Passport, as well as an official proof of address. If you’re not sure then please feel to give us a call, we’ll walk you through it. 

In some cases we might require more documents, for example, if you’re looking at business leasing then you might need to provide: >> VAT Returns or utility bills if we are unable to verify existence

>> Company accounts 
>> High-Value Vehicles 
>> 3 Months Bank Statements (recent) 
>> Copy of Directors driver’s license or company accountant’s details 

With personal leasing, if the car will be used for business use you may need a signed letter from your employer outlining its use. This is just to confirm that if the car is used for business use, it will still be in your name. 

There are different types of leasing, so it’s difficult to give an example of each case. If you get in contact we’ll be able to give you any information you might need.