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What are the best brands to lease?


One major advantage with car leasing is that you can afford the very best brands. 

For example, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Nissan, Land Rover all give us great deals. Rather than paying the whole value of the car, you’re only paying for the price difference between the cost of the car to buy and the cost of the car to resell in 3-4 years time, when your lease finishes. 

So, the better a car holds it's value, the higher the resale price is. 

For that reason, premium cars make great lease cars as they retain their value. Let me demonstrate this with a working example: A new Mercedes cost 25,000. But because it’s a Mercedes, it holds its value particularly well, only depreciating by 30% over 3 years. This means the resale value is 17,500 with a lease cost of 7,500. Whereas, a Ford that cost £16,000 might depreciate a total of 42%, which makes for a resale value is £9,000 with a lease cost of £7000. You have the choice of having a Mercedes at £235 a month or a Ford for £210 a month, depending on your taste. Those who prefer an executive car such as a Mercedes will find the difference manageable. 

So, while there isn't particularly a best-leasing manufacturer, leasing does make premium brands much more obtainable.