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Understanding car leases - Looking under the bonnet


What a lot of people like about car leasing is how simple it is. You pick the type of car you want - it could be that you know exactly what brand and model you want, or you just know you need a family car or city car. We can show you options and prices and sometimes the cars are already in stock, which makes them a little cheaper. Other times, you can choose to pay extra to have the exact car you want. The colours, trims, additional features, etc. are entirely up to you with the latter option. 

You also need to agree on a mileage limit. The more you drive the car, the higher the monthly repayments. This is because the finance companies figure out the monthly repayments by estimating the value of the car after the lease. The more miles, the less value it will have. 

Once you have the right car in mind, we’ll show you some pricing options. With leasing, you’ll be expected to pay an initial fee. It’s normally either 6 months or 3 months of the monthly fee. We were the first to offer zero deposit leasing, so some of our models have the option of paying nothing upfront but the first month’s payment. 

Often, the more you pay upfront, the slightly lower the monthly repayments are but you’ll be shown all possible options so you can choose what fits your budget. We’ll order the car for you. We’ll give you updates throughout the process if your car has to be manufactured, for example. All of this information will be made available to you so that you know what to expect from your contract and, as such, make plans accordingly. 

From there, you’ll take control of the car and drive it for the period of the lease. All we ask is that you keep the car in generally good condition and stick to your mileage limit. Someone will come out to you just before the lease is finished to check the condition of the car and organise the return. If you wish, we can then help you choose your next car. Once you’ve given the first car back, the agreement is over. Nice, clean and simple. 

Pick a car, pay a monthly payment, with no car tax or MOT to pay, and give the car back.