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My car needs a service, MOT or new tyres


For the first 3 years, you don’t need to MOT your car. That’s one less thing to worry about it. 

All major problems are covered by the warranty, which is a major advantage of leasing a new car. Generally, though, you are the person responsible for the upkeep of the car. In most cases, a new car won’t need any replacement components that might be prone to wear and tear. In the case that you do need to replace things such as tyres or brake pads, it will be your responsibility as it comes under “general condition” 

Servicing is similar to wear and tear. It falls under “general condition” and it’s your responsibility to ensure the car is returned in good condition. Servicing should take place as per your agreement which normally means at registered dealers. 

This maintenance is for your benefit as much as the finance company. They calculate the price of the car when the lease is finished, which is how they determine the monthly repayment fee. The higher the used car price is, the lower the monthly payment. When you get servicing performed at the dealer it increases the value of the car. 

Some leasing deals also include maintenance. This means that you are completely covered in terms of servicing and wear and tear over the lifetime of the lease. In simple terms, you spread your expected maintenance costs out over the repayments. So, you'll pay 1 monthly fee, you'll have no car tax, and your MOT, servicing and maintenance are all taken care of. Fantastic! Besides fuel and car insurance, everything is taken care of neatly, giving our customers complete peace of mind. 

For more information on a specific car lease, please get in touch. We’ll walk you through the details so that you know exactly what to expect. We like to keep things as simple and as transparent as possible to provide a deal that is right for you.