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How to get the best lease deals


We get amazing, short duration lease deals come to us every month. We don't know what they will be or how many cars will be available at the offer price, but they are normally excellent. 

To understand how we get these deals, let me explain how it works. 

Car dealers have to order cars in large quantities for the car manufacturers. The larger the order, the better the discount. So they order a large number, but if they can’t sell all of those cars, they have an issue. Their banks lend them the cash to buy the cars, but banks expect interest. So the longer the cars sit unsold, the more money they are losing. 

Dealers have to order in large numbers. Their hands are tied and sometimes they are losing money because of it. One way they can sell those cars quickly is through leasing. More people are able to afford £200 a month than there are who have £3000 for the deposit on a new car. So they offer the car to leasing companies. Usually, the leasing companies with the best relationships with car dealers are able to secure the best deals. 

Car dealers need to sell cars they've already ordered, or they'll lose money. It used to be down to luck. You’d be in contact with the leasing company at the right time. But now, we’ve made it easier. We’ve created a hot list. Every time we get a great deal come on, we’ll email it to the list. Those who like the offer can ask for more details. If you’d like to be on the list, contact us.