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Cheap Car Leasing Special Offers

We have some of the best leasing deals available, but that’s not what this article is about. In this article I want to explain how you can get access to the best deals by explaining how deals are made. 

Knowledge is power. So if you decide today or later on in the year you want to lease a car with the best deal you know exactly how to go about it, other than just checking out our website. 

The best car deals are for cars that are in stock. 

What normally happens is that car dealer orders cars from the manufacturer. The more they order, the better deal they get offered. So they order hundreds of cars, but they don’t always sell them. 

They can’t lower the price too much because A) the car manufacturer won’t let them and B) if they did no one would buy a new car a full price, they’d wait for the a deal. 

When they don’t sell all the cars they’ve bought they’ve got a problem. The bank gives them the money to buy those cars, and just like with you or I, they get charged interested. The longer they hold on to those cars, the more it’s going to cost them. 

There comes a point where the car is no longer about to make them profit, they’ll be lucky if they don’t lose money on the car. 

So they need to sell cars, and quickly. They speak to us. 

We will run a lease deal for those cars. They are able to lower the price, because they are not selling them directly, and our customers can lease a car that would be a great deal. That’s how you get the best deal. You wait for car dealers to need to sell a specific car that you’re looking for. 

We’ve made it easy, we’ve created a hot list. We email that list the minute we get a deal in, because they are very limited and it’s first come first serve, so we want to give you first option to lease. 

This is the best way to get the best deals. It could well be that right now the hottest deals are for a city car and you’re looking for a SUV or a family car. Rather than having to stay proactive and keep searching, we’ll let you know.

If you are interested in what deals we have right now, please get in touch, one of our team will talk you through what’s available, we have some of the best zero deposit deals. If you’re looking for a specific deal please feel free to join the hot list by clicking here. Then you can sit back and check your inbox because we’ll let you know when a hot leasing deal comes in.